About Us

In April of 2000, Bushman Equipment acquired selected assets of West Bend Equipment Company. West Bend, like Bushman, was a manufacturer of custom-designed, heavy-duty material handling equipment and already had a well-respected name within the steel and metal processing industries.

West Bend Equipment now functions as a division of Bushman. West Bend products, including scissors lifts, work platforms, upenders, inverters, coil carts, and die and mold handling equipment, are manufactured at Bushman’s facility in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

West Bend Equipment’s history is similar to Bushman’s in that the company dates back many years. West Bend was incorporated in 1913 as a manufacturer of dairy barn equipment. In 1919, the company added a line of factory trucks. During the depression, the barn equipment business was sold to allow greater focus on the company’s expanding material handling products. By the 1950’s, West Bend’s main products included hydraulic lift tables, trailer trucks, portable elevators, stackers and pallet lifters.

During the next few decades, additional material handling products were developed, many fostered by the introduction of new technologies such as battery powered lifting and electronic controls. Many of the machines West Bend Equipment has built over the years have been in service 20 or more years. This has contributed to their reputation for reliability and rugged durability.