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Bushman Equipment has announced the acquisition of Avon Engineering of Waterdown, Ontario, Canada.

Ralph Deger, president of Bushman Equipment, cited the complimentary nature of the two companies. “While Bushman and Avon have competing lines of overhead crane related material handling equipment, they rarely compete due to each company’s geographic focus. Avon has a respected reputation in the Canadian steel industry while Bushman has developed its market primarily in the United States and Mexico.”

In addition, each company adds to the other’s capability to serve the material handling needs of steel mills, paper mills and other heavy industries. Bushman will introduce its West Bend line of lift tables, upenders, load inverters, and mold carts into the Canadian market. Similarly, Bushman will aggressively market Avon’s line of coil packaging equipment in the US.

The acquisition combines two companies of similar size and management style. Each has strong engineering capabilities and extensive experience in steel, steel processing, paper and heavy manufacturing.

David Lowery, founder of Avon Engineering, will continue with the company, serving as Vice President.

Deger views the acquisition as an opportunity for growth in both the Canadian and US markets.  He plans to maintain sales, engineering and manufacturing operations in both markets. According to Deger, combining the talents of the two companies presents opportunities to increase the services each company can provide to its customers.

For more information about the products of Avon Engineering, please see www.AvonEngineering.com.

Steere Enterprises recently implemented a quick mold changing system at their Tallmadge, Ohio plant.  They purchased a West Bend Model MDC 2500 mold cart from Bushman Representative, Jenny Jocke of Dynamic Technologies. 

The cart had a number of features such as a ratchet operated centering guide and dual speed control for the forks (slow for mold handling, normal for general straddle truck use). 

The cart has substantially reduced the time needed to change out molds, resulting in higher plant productivity.  It also improves mold handling safety for personnel and reduces the chance of mold damage during handling.

This photo shows the cart in-position at the molding machine in preparation for extracting the mold.

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